Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wedding-toast - 10 Special Tips

Wedding toast in fact a very important role in weddings. They make a connection in the middle of the wedding official and more formal atmosphere at the reception.

Wedding toast possible family members, relatives and friends all our hearts and loving couple.

At the beginning, this culture began with the belief that it would make a noise like a clock, noise from the mirrors, so, all expel evil spirits.

Wedding toast can follow the traditional order and the order of non-traditional.

The traditional order of toast

1st For traditional wedding bread, the first toast up and everything for the bride or some love.

2nd This is achieved by one of the - the best man, a close relative or close friend.

3 Then the groom came to honor the bride with a message from the heart.

4th This message is also in honor of people increasing drinking, their parents and bridesmaids.

5 Furthermore, the best man, groom Thanks on behalf of all women in marriage.

6 Sometimes, women spoke a few words right after the groom, maid of honor and godmother when the tank.

7th According to some close friends or parents to follow the next toast.

Now father 8th bride tank has invited all the names of the mother of the bride and himself, to announce the beginning of the festival.

Red nontraditional toast

1st It certainly is a different kind of tradition.

2nd Here, the order can be changed depending on the choice of a couple, guests and the occasion.

3 In this case, the host offers the first toast in honor of the couple.

4th Then, take care of gratitude to Him who raised a toast master of ceremonies, visitors and then raised a toast special for his wife.

5 When the expression of esteem for the young groom, and guests will offer a special toast to her parents and stepparents.

6 Sometimes a special toast can be made for two families.

7th Next Thank you Father of the bride bride for his toast. He thanked all those present and announce the beginning of the festival.

8th Sometimes the host offers a toast to the bride girl.

9 Shortly after the maid of honor, such as responding Thanks for drinking and propose another toast.

10 Sometimes the facilitator welcomes guests to toast, then they announce the beginning of the celebration of the present.

Now, here are some specific tips that can be used as a toast:

1st First of all, serve drinks to youth, followed her husband as maid of honor, parents and the next few, the best man.

2nd Toast can be served as a sip of champagne or wine. For non-alcoholic drinks, except those options are tea, coffee and water.

3 When you first toast, to ensure that not only his glass, but also all other glasses filled before start talking.

4th As a toast, he should raise our glasses to the right.

5 Glass should stay on the right shoulder.

6 Try a few words by writing a wedding toast. In this case you can not write a good song, try playing some traditional wedding bread, if you personalize with the actual feelings of the heart. You can talk to a couple.

7th At the end of the toast, do not forget to invite all visitors to join in the celebration.

8th You also need to thank them for coming to the wedding and give them an honest answer.

9 If you raise a toast to you, that is, you have a toast, do not wear glasses. You should not stand or enjoy a drink.

10 On receipt of bread, you just have to thank that raised a toast to you. Although not required, like another toast.