Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wedding Instructions for Make-up + Contact Lense

This article is a common problem in the face they wear contact lenses when handling the lenses while applying makeup. Damaged lenses and eye infections common events that happen one day, and the wedding is no exception. Since it is in our interest to have a good wedding, here are some tips for eye care to add to the list.

Assuming you wear contact lenses on a daily basis and make your wedding day, a few special rules must be respected. Only in cases of stress and a million other things to think about clouds the memory, here's a quick reminder.

No sleeping on the links. Unless you wear daily lenses, contact lenses must be rehydrated in a special lens solution every day. If you forget to put in a solution, the relationship of dry nights, which means that I can keep the cornea, and inevitably damage the eyes.

Let someone else bear contacts. This may seem a little excessive stress, but actually the most common cause of eye infections.

Removing the lenses at night, be sure to store them in a special container for contact lenses immersed in the solution. Never use water or other liquid alternatives.
If you never wear contacts, I have an appointment with an ophthalmologist, who gives a recipe. In the optician how well you can insert, remove and care for them. The timing of these meetings in advance to make sure that you will be able to handle them properly for the big day. It is possible that one or two months before your eyes get accustomed to that relationship.

The application of eye makeup easily unpleasant. Make sure your contact lenses before applying makeup. If someone else set up, ask them to be careful when applying eyeliner and eye shadow. Contact lenses are extremely sensitive, not just the victim of cosmetic chemicals in your eyes, you can damage your eyes as well.

Try any contact between the glass and makeup to avoid: close your eyes when applying blusher or powder products. And to keep the lenses, they can damage or irritation. The same rule applies when using hairspray and perfumes. It would be fun to go to the altar with red eyes.